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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The flu is visiting our house

and I really hope that it is leaving soon. Miss Ivy was sent home sick Monday afternoon and hasn't been back to school since. I've been having a residue of guilt on me ever since yesterday when she started puking at 3 a.m., which she did again today by the way. this girl cries wolf so often with her stomach hurting that I don't know how to judge my response to her. So I was pretty mad when I went to pick her up on Monday because I thought that she was mad about having to eat hot lunch. I had to work, so I had her lie down with the preschool kids to take a nap. My mom noticed her in that class and asked to take her. Fine. Ivy was fine and acting all happy. But then that night she started to feel warm so I kept her home on Tuesday and she slept most of the day. Wednesday the fever and puking started and continued through today. I really hope that the rest of us escape the germs. I really hope that she starts to feel much better soon. It's just pitiful, and looking at her makes my guilt even worse. I hope she isn't missing too much at school. And I'm really missing being at work. I've been so bored here that I've been cleaning and working out, Now that's bored.

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