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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Epilogue by Anne Roiphe

I'll only give it 3 stars, but there were some passages that really made me think about what she had said. Here are a couple:

Actually, here's only one part that keeps on my mind. I must have forgotten the other! Unlike the words "cissus quadrangularis" as they keep running through my head since I've read them.

This quote is describing a letter that the author got out of the blue and not in the holiday season. It has struck me, as this really is how I feel about facebook on many occaisions.

Congratulations are in order. congratulations for having raised a good family, because the children all live within a mile of each other and their parents, because there has been no divorce, no major illness, no misfortune that is visible on the faces in the photo. Because decent people have managed to survive the years looking pleased, becuase no child was afflicted with autism, no cancer cells took a life, no one fell into the pit of addiction or smoked till lungs burned. I stare at the picture. Why now? What is wrong that the mother and the father needed to send this picture now? What lurks under the couch? What haunts the bright smile of the mother? Is this a competitive missive? Look how much better my family is than yours, you, opener of my letter, read it and feel bad because your happiness can't measure up to ours. More likely this letter was created in the boiler room of insecurity. Loook, I have a good family too, just as good as I imagine yours to be.

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