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Monday, January 24, 2011

Chris' brother

had an angiogram today. He has been having irregular heartbeats for a couple of weeks and they are trying to figure out what is wrong. After the procedure, the doctor said that all looked good, but they are awaiting more test results.

The mother of one of Chris' close friends passed away last week. we found out today. I didn't even know that she was sick. It has made me very sad tonight.

I had lunch with girlfriends on Saturday (and we weren't wearing special occasion dressesalthough it was a very special occasion)
and found out that I am the only one with a will and life insurance set up. It made me feel weird. All of this makes me feel weird.

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Carrie said...

I have a will and life insurance as well. I've had them since we had our first born. I think doing it any other way is irresponsible. It sucks to think about the fact that we are human we are not invincible but it's reality. *sigh* and *hugs