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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The constant rider omnibus and julie and julia are the two books that I have finished so far this week. If you ever needed to work the words, "lipo 6 hers black" into a writing assignment, you would do well to use a zine format. That is the format of the constant rider and it was amazing. I loved it. It's about a woman that rides the bus and her bike to and from work, etc. in Portland OR. It made me want to write another zine installment on my own zine that I made when Miss Ivy was around 2.

I have already read Julie and Julia and I really liked it. I passed it on to my sister that couldn't even finish it she hated it so much. She hated how insensitive she was about her job working for a government agency that dealt with families that lost people in the 9/11 tragedy. This was the abridged audio version read by the author. I liked it again, but I forgot how much swearing and sex talk was in the book. It was difficult to listen to when the kids were around.

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