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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

This will crack you up

Today has been an experience to write down!

Ivy and I have been having an amazing summer with just her and I, with some field trips thrown in with the latchkey at my mom's daycare. Each week they go to an art camp for a morning. The other times we have went to the movies, ponie rides, had an artist afternoon at a child's art studio, learned about animals and played with puppies at the humane society.

All through this Ivy has had tennis lessons. Some with Bec, most with her own group of level 1 players. This sounds like a lot, but we are almost finishing up week 4 out of school. So, it's pretty spread out.

Today Ivy had tennis lessons. Afterwards we met her class for a tour and lunch at a children's bookstore. They played dress up, had a story read to them and looked at books. Ivy got a couple of books to take home. On our way home I asked her if she wanted to go to the humane society and brush one of the dogs that we have been walking. She said yes and I told her that I had an errand to run first.

During the errand, she asks if today was a "family swim" at our gym and if we could go. I told her no, it was too hot and we had done a lot already. She starts to act all sulky and starts to cry. Frustrated, but calm, I explain to her how much she had done already today and how it is rude and hurtful for her to act that way because there is one thing she is told no to. How it causes me wrinkles and stress and the need for I thought that our talk had stuck, but it didn't.

She had another eyerolling fit and I told her we were going home. She calms down and I tell her to lie down in my bed for a rest. I retell her that we aren't going swimming because she was acting too good about all of it. So, she has a stomping, screaming, wailing fit on the floor of my room. I walk away, still really calm and amazed that I'm doing so well.

I go in to check on her a while later. She is behind my bed. She says, "Hi Mama!" In a super chipper voice. I say, "Hey Ives. What are you doing?" She then answers, "Oh, I'm hiding all of your special things."

WHAT? (I'm trying so hard not to laugh now) "Well, she says," I was mad at you for not taking me swimming, so I'm taking everything of yours and hiding it so you can't find it." Just plain as day.

So, what did you hide? Where are my books? Well, one of your boots is under the laundry and some stuff is under your clothes. I haven't gotten to your books yet."

I'm trembling so hard now, trying not to laugh. Telling her that is mean and she needs to stop that. I told her that swimming is over for the day anyway. Another fit is now ongoing but she is in her room where she can hide anything she wants.

My word.


alisonwonderland said...

That Miss Ivy is going to be keeping you on your toes for years to come! :)

Carrie said...

That cracks me up. At least she was honest, right? LOL!

KrayonKel said...

Oh my, indeed.