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Sunday, July 11, 2010

let's see 1

it's time for a crabby post. Well then, it must be Sunday!!!!

these past few weekends have been way below average. Everyone sick. A trazillion degrees outside in a house that has no a/c. Which we tried to remedy by spending a lot of $ on those stupid portable airconditioners that DO NOT WORK for crap. We would have been better off by sticking a tray of ice in front of one of our many fans. I ended up borrowing my ma's old portable a/c as well, hoping that sticking one in a smallish room would help. No go. When I talked to her today about it, I was thinking that maybe I was running it wrong. Nope. It never really worked for her either. You only feel cool when you stand right in front of it. If this thing was an lsat prep program, you can be sure I'd be flunking.

This makes me more irrational than usual. How can companies sell things that don't work? We also bought a stick vac last month that was going to replace one that we used for 6 years. I expect things to last 6 years. That's right and good. But never working at all from the get go? EVIL! The portable a/c units are going back to target. When I was there last week, I explained the problem. They tell me that those get returned all the time. Go ahead and bring it back, just don't wait until the end of the summer. Don't worry guy, they are going back tomorrow.

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KrayonKel said...

I can't even imagine not having air conditioning in a home. It's mind boggling. I hope things cool down for you guys. :*