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Sunday, July 11, 2010

let's see II

So in the swelteringness of WA this afternoon, Ivy and I head to Costco to remedy this heat snap. She is a trooper and I'm focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel, or more like the ice in my veins after buying a couple of window units.

I get them home. After Chris has told me that he will let me handle this situation, he then decides that these aren't right and won't fit our windows. Being a devoted follower of The Surrendered Wife book, I keep my mouth shut and literally fume. Then I text some not so nice things to my siblings to keep from exploding. Short version, they are now installed and working nicely.

I think that husband and I have spoken maybe 100 words to each other all weekend. Not because we are mad, but because we know how tenuous sanity is around this joint the past few days. He has the sinus cold that I had earlier this week, which was the cold he had when Hen had strep. Yep, a virus that is leap frogging all of us. But, I'm telling you, I'm much better sick than this guy is. I told him to take a bunch of allergy pills and sleep it off so all of us could feel better. Yeah, I'd had it.

Monday, I love you. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you. I love you more than the miracle cream of cocoa butter stretch marks.
Maybe I'll name my next child Monday as an homage to my favorite day of the week.

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KrayonKel said...

Now I understand why you don't like sunny seasons. Central a/c makes a huge difference.