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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The house is crabby

One guess what day and time it is. Yep, it's Sunday night and we are all so antsy for Monday to get here!

A busy week in front of me, a less busy week behind me and two weekends in a row where there wasn't any respite from the week. Sigh. I need my treadmill back!

Littlest baby man is sick with the strep. Poor thing. But by today, after 3 straight days of clinging and crying, I farmed him out to our sitter for a couple of hours. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Chris is sick as well. The littlest baby man is mostly fine until he sees me, where he decides that his life and illness are just too much to bear and he has to clutch at me and scream it into my ear. This morning, I listened to him laugh and smile and do all of his cute and fun Henry things. Until he saw me and the whiney, crying, pitifulness started. It didn't take me long to decide that our home wasn't the most positive of experiences for any one so I set about to change it.

Loaded the kids into the car, medicated the DH and sent him to bed. Took little miss to my mom's house. Took baby to our sitter's house and took middle man to Wal Mart with me for an hour and a half. Yep, you read that right. Then to the library. Back home to drop off the groceries. Picked up baby. Dropped baby off with DH. Took Bec to my aunt's for swimming, where Ivy already was and enjoyed the first swim for the kids of the summer.

Hot house. Sticky mama. Let's all really hope that strep baby feels better tomorrow. It would benefit so many people ! I guess that's a family for ya.

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KrayonKel said...

Oh man, I love my Sundays. There is no anticipation of Monday, that is fo' sho.