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Friday, April 02, 2010

today my friend is saying goodbye

to her beloved husband. A freak accident on 3/12 which left him with a closed head injury. Labs tonight have shown a shutting down of all systems. I have been at the hospital with them on and off all week. I couldn't imagine what she is going through now. I cannot stop crying. I cannot understand all of you that have faith. My heart seriously hurts tonight, just like when I lost my dad. Life can be so unfair. In these instances, I have no grace. I'm pissed. I'm mad. I'm so sad and confused. I know it isn't about me, but this is overwhelming tonight. How will she head home to their new house? How do you put your feet on the ground again? Such amazing, wonderful people. Such horrific circumstances. I'm just spinning here. I feel so sick.


Katie said...

I'm sorry. Love you.

Mrs. Inqvist said...

Not all people that have faith understand why these things happen. Where we count on our faith is in the putting our feet back on the ground and moving forward even when we want to curl up in a ball and stay there forever. My prayers go out to you and that family. (((HUGS)))

alisonwonderland said...

So sorry!

Melissa said...

oh Karianne,
I'm so sad for your friend.

Carrie said...

Huge, huge hugs. I am so sorry for your friend, so sorry for you. I hate that life can be so cruel sometimes. It's sometimes cruel beyond comprehension.
Faith doesn't stop me from being heartbroken, from asking why, or from being pissed at times. Faith gives me hope that although I don't understand why things happened the way they did, there is the promise of a brighter day and that one day we will all be at peace ... together.
I will pray for your friend (and for you) during this heart wrenching time.


matt m said...

I am so sympathetic to what your freind is going through, it must be very devasting. So sorry