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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Some things that i'm thinking about

  • why do my kids feel that it is perfectly fine to wake me up, but not their father, when we are both fast asleep?
  • death has been in my focus lately. and not in a bad way. just in a transitory way. but it is surprising how much it has been popping up in very random ways
  • i like being 39. i've liked being every age, except for the end part of 24, but I like getting older. Ivy was putting the candles on my cake tonight and joked that she should put 93 instead of 39. I told her to go right ahead, it makes no diff to me.
  • i think that Chris gave me a urinary tract infection for my birthday, but I'm really hoping that isn't the case. maybe I'm just feeling the burn of thermogenic fat burners. jk
  • i took a continuing ed. class today and altered states of consciousness. i loved every part of it and the 3 hour class felt like 15 minutes. but then tonight I took the kids to their hour long basketball game that felt like 3 hours. time is a funny thing.


Katie said...

Richard gives me a UTI everytime he visits. It's awesome.

KrayonKel said...

On your first one, that just means they love you more. ;)