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Thursday, April 08, 2010

remember that bladder infection I mentioned

quickly and scarily turned into a kidney infection within 3 hours. the pain was worse than labor. no one was home and my sister came right over while i crawled naked up the stairs from the basement, then crawled in my robe through the driveway to the car. that pain was unimaginable and I have had many kidney infections before. a xanax/ceflex/oxi cocktail along with an IV made it all sane again from what I remember. Landi was going to call the ambulance, thinking my appendix had burst.

Chris took today off and all I've done has been sleep and drink. He has kept on top of all of my medications. Laying in that basement in that pain was one of the worst feelings of hopelessness I have ever felt. I am so thankful I had my phone. I am seriously thinking of getting one of those life alert things. If I lived alone, I would have one. My nana says that she would rather die than wear one of those things. It's just her vanity talking. After yesterday, my vanity flew out the window. Just like my need of ever requiring philadelphia inquirer jobs.

It's really made me think of other countries where medical care isn't available. I'm sure kidney infections exist outside of the U.S. That is the thought that has stuck with me the most. I sure got a stern talking to from the ER doc. Turns out that these aren't infections to be taken lightly. My own criteria was to go in if I started to run a temperature. I never did.

Then, I think about the amount of stress that has been happening in my life lately. Both bad and good. Being with Mitzi while her husband died. Taking my classes. Traveling to the beach. Basketball for the kids. Redoing the kitchen. Easter. A couple sets of friends that are having personal family problems. Planning the curriculum for homeshcooling Ivy .
My birthday. My nana weakening. Joining a new artist co op.

Maybe I needed to get sick to get a bit of rest?


KrayonKel said...

Oh, sweetie! I'm so glad you are getting better now. I can't even imagine. I've never had a bladder infection before.

I hope you get plenty of rest, and Chris takes good care of you.

Sending my love, Kelly

Pretty Momma said...

Oh my gosh! It sounds so, so awful! I am so glad you had your phone!

My Gram wears one of the Life Alert things. We told her it was the only way she could live alone.

Hugs and prayers!