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Thursday, February 18, 2010

At the doctor with Henry

and Ivy. But I only brought her along for my sanity and some help!

Do any of you not-single moms, feel like you really are a single mom for the most part? I sure did today.

It's not like Chris is home playing ps3 or anything, but still. I had asked him to call in sick to come to Henry's ear appointment with me today. He decided not to call in, which is actually covered by his company, and went to work instead. Not taking one of the days of weeks of sick time he has coming to him.

I handled the appointment fine, but it was stressful. I kept thinking how unnecessary it all was. In my opinion, there really wasn't a valid excuse for him to not be there.

It's over now. Surgery is on Monday for tubes. Henry's reading came back in the 40s which is way below the normal that they like to see. When they monitored the movement in his ear drums each side was flat when they are looking for a large spike on the chart. And then, he finished his antibiotics yesterday, but the specialist said that his left ear looked pretty red and "hot" so he wanted to do the surgery sooner than later. I guess Monday is pretty soon if you ask me.

I still have to switch kids around and take a night class tonight. Whew.

Wasn't I just on vacation?????


KrayonKel said...

No kidding. Today wasn't a terrible day, but I was so annoyed by the end. I was out of there as soon as I finished my red folder. Thank God it is Friday because I need it.

Mrs. Inqvist said...

Karianne find time for a glass of wine and pretend I am sitting across from you just hanging out. Wish I could have been there for your support today and Monday. Good Luck, please keep us posted. ((((HUGS))))