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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Sick With Henry II

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Mr. Baby is hopefully going to be getting tubes tomorrow. But the little man is fevering again!! A temp. of 104 with tylenol! I called the on call doctor and we are starting antibiotics again tonight and again, I hope that we are still getting the green light for the tubes. I know that Miss Ivy felt so much better after hers.

Mr. Baby is just lounging all over the place. Barely moving off of me and his dad for 5 minutes at a time. He typed the first sentence of this post and I'm thinking that it is saying, "I don't like being sick. I miss playing with my sissy and brother. Why aren't these yahoos making me all better?" Or maybe he is saying, "Why aren't we researching Outer Banks vacation rentals instead of watching A Star Is Born?"

Well, at least he got me out of going to dinner with the inlaws tonight! I'm always trying to find a bright side.

1 comment:

KrayonKel said...

LOL! Go, Henry, for helping his mommy out. :)