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Monday, November 02, 2009

Wait for meeeee!

I've just checked in to my fave blogs (yours!) and haven't yet commented, but have been overwhelmed at how much I have missed. I miss you guys. I miss sharing your lives. I miss sharing mine.

I would estimate that we are 94% moved over from the little house. OK, maybe less. We still have the cold storage area to move, the cupboards above cold storage, the shed, the back patio and my overflow closet and the living room tv stand. We also have to move the kitchen decor which we had left up to "stage" the house. But, hey, no excuse! I don't like to ditch my buds even if life is busy!

I want to post more and need to make it a goal. I like to document my life this way and I've been falling by the wayside on that priority.

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adventures north said...

We've missed you, too! Keep the posts coming...