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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Remind me to not move again!! Have you missed me? I've missed all of you so much! Chris and I have been moving our family into a larger house, which is a wonderful thing. Yet, the actual process of moving is about to kill me!

It's a long story that I cannot wait to share with you. And hopefully, if our little house sells quickly, it will really seem to be meant to be. The little house went on the market yesterday afternoon and we will hopefully enjoy looking at an offer this weekend.

The process is daunting. Causing me to need maximum strength wrinkle creams to offset the stress on my face. That is oh, so visible around my eyes and my forehead.

Ah well. I'd so much rather be complaining about all of this, then complaining about our oh, so small house. Send us some quick sell vibes! Miss you all.


Mrs. Inqvist said...

OK I'm not Catholic but you are supposed to bury a statue of some saint up side down in the front yard of the house you are trying to sell and it will sell faster. Maybe there are some Catholics out their that can tell you what saint it is. Heard it works!!! I'll just try prayer - I know that works.

Katie said...

Moving is such a love hate thing for me!

Pretty Momma said...

Praying the house sells quickly.

Moving is crazy without children, and nearly impossible with them.