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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm at work and loving it

Today is Sunday and I never keep it a secret that I love to work on Sundays. My clients are perfect and the office is quiet.

It has also never been a secret that DH totally despises me working on a Sunday. And ladies, we are talking ONE Sunday a month for 5 hours total, and only during the school year, so I get a bit irritated that he is irritated. Even if he was willing to front the money that I make in this one day, I still wouldn't want to give it up!

So, last month as he was moany and whiney about the fact that I had to work, I had had enough. I very politely told him that I couldn't be made to feel guilty about this any more. It has been years of conflict for us and it wasn't going to fly any more. I then told him that I had come up with an alternate plan.

Now on the Sunday that I work, Chris has the day to himself. I either farm out the kids or I hire a sitter. Today my aunt took the older two while my sister took the baby. And absolutely no complaints from him all weekend! No heavy sighs of frustration. It's wonderful.

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carrie said...

What a wonderful compromise. Good for you for standing up for yourself AND offering him a fun day to boot!