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Sunday, August 02, 2009

yet here we are

want another rambling on about our housing situation? Well, you have come to the right place.

For 2.5 years we have been waiting for Chris to get a very significant pay increase at his job. And for about 2.5 years I have been worried that this increase would not come through. Well, against all of my fears, the much worried about increase went into effect a couple of weeks ago. And all is good.

But, for quite a while we have been contemplating selling our house and buying a bigger one. Since that would have been almost impossible without us having more money, the subject was kind of off of the table. there would be no buying or selling of houses. We were staying put and going to make the best of it. The working plan was to see if the raise came through. If it did, we would then get a pre approval, put our house on the market and find our new family home. The week that the notice of the money coming through came to us, we would be at the mortgage broker, and calling our realtor. We have been saving flyers from sale homes forever waiting for this. Looking for the perfect place to move with the right amount of square footage, the right number of bedrooms and some Danze faucets throughout the house.


Now I've noticed that both of us have really not said anything about moving. Our house is so very tiny for all of us, but somehow we have made it work although Hen sleeps in the living room and the older 2 share a room. It's like all of the pieces are now in order, but neither of us wants to bring up leaving this house. We are in a situation where it is too good to leave, yet too bad to stay. So many things are absolutely right. Then again, not having the space is very wrong.

We were driving around looking at certain houses for sale yesterday and I told Chris that one of my fears was that we would buy a bigger house and as soon as we closed, our dream house would go on the market. Where we would be kicking ourselves for not waiting. I think that most of the problem is that neither one of us is much of a risk taker. Also, that our outside is so nice in the summer that we don't feel the crunch of space like we do in the colder months and we kind of forget how cramped it gets here. Also that we got new insurance and now our house payment is so ridiculously low that to increase it would almost seem ludacris. Also, Ivy is starting Kindergarten and her school is honestly 2 blocks away.

I'm not sure what is going to happen with all of this. I just know that we aren't sure of anything right now. And i have to remember that not making a decision about this right now is a good option. we don't have to rush.


Carrie said...

We are in the waiting phase ourselves right now... waiting for dh to finish school, waiting for a job with a more steady income (not one that just pays great in the warmer months), etc. I have a feeling that we will be in a similar situation as you are once that happens. We love our house. Love the low payment. Love our neighborhood. But the space. I try to embrace it. I will admit we get better and better at it. Who knows where we will be in 2-3 years. I do know that fitting another person in this house would be tough.

Thinking of you as you face this situation. Praying your dream house lands in your lap when the timing is right.


adventures north said...

maybe a remodel or addition instead?