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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Is the word ironic?

When my MIL is lecturing me about the evils of the movie Coraline and how it is too scary for ivy because of the button eyes, all the while the movie Silence of the Lambs plays behind her on the television and Ivy covers her ears and cries on the barstool beside me?

And then, when her son asks for Ivy to borrow the movie Coraline from her grandmother, there is absolutely no lecture to be had and the movie is readily loaned to us.

whatever the word is, my feelings were frustration and exasperation. And a bit of smugness knowing that Ivy had already seen the movie twice and loved it.

Ah, our wonderful in-law relations continue on.

I'm gonna need the best eye cream that money can buy to survive these interactions without them leaving permanent marks on my face.

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Mrs. Inqvist said...

Emma loved Coraline too. She said it was a little scary, but in a kid kinda way. Silence of the Lambs however, still gives me the creeps.