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Monday, July 13, 2009


And Chris is learning as well.

Everyone knows how much I despise entertaining here at the house. Yesterday Chris told me that he suggested to his dad that on Sunday after golfing, we just meet them out at the golf course restaurant for dinner. Or that we could arrange some BBQ stuff at his dad's house. Absolutely no mention of having any meals here. I may have to use some best weight loss supplements if we eat in restaurants for all of the visit, but eating in restaurants and not having to cook or clean up, and having a beginning and end time will be very worth any extra pounds.

So far, so good. I'm also trying to tell myself that we still may end up having to have people over at some point during this time, that way my mind can stay open to the possibility if it is thrown at me last minute.


Mrs. Inqvist said...

Hang in there sweetie!

Carrie said...

Karianne -
I love your transparency. It's comforting.
I also despise entertaining in my own home. I feel, almost...., guilty (?) admitting that. I don't know anyone else that doesn't enjoy having people in their home. I stress about it. It's nerve wracking. It eats me alive.
It's not that I don't like visiting with family. And I can deal with having people over for a short period of time. But someone staying for more than a few hours absolutely makes me crazy. I feel closed in and anxious.
Thank you for allowing me to know I'm not alone.

Carrie said...

* I meant to say family AND FRIENDS. I love them both. Not just family. Sometimes friends are actually easier.