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Monday, June 22, 2009

You Can Tell This Is My 3rd Kid

I took Henry to the doctor today for his 6 month shots. :( He was in a blue onesie with drool all over it. Also he was wearing baby pants that didn't match the onesie, along with yellow and black air jordan socks. I was really casual with a tee shirt and long denim shorts. We looked like we got dressed out of the laundry basket. I didn't wear makeup, and had let my hair air dry.

When I used to take Ives and Becs to the dr. I would try to make a good impression by having them clean and cutely dressed until I realized that the dr. never saw those outfits because they'd be only in a diaper after weigh in. I would also try to wear work level clothes.

What a difference in parenting styles between kids.

And Murphy's Law: The totally cute resident P.A. came in to chat about Henry's development. For about 45 minutes. Of course.


KrayonKel said...

And then you say, "This is what you call reality ——not those shows on tv." ;)

Mrs. Inqvist said...

Doesn't that just figure!

Carrie said...

Darn! Of all times that they decide to come in. Seriously though, you are so cute, t-shirt and long shorts -- it woudln't matter! You're still gorgeous!

PS I let my kids go to a birthday party yesterday and one had holes in the knees of their pants. What can I say? I'm tired. :)