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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recent kid-isms from around my house

From Bec

  • while tattling on his sister for hitting he says, "She hit me right on my color." Your what? "My color" Ivy yells to him, "Becken, that's not your color that's your skin."
  • Heading to a night time baseball game he is wearing thomas pjs, cars tennis shoes and baseball hat and a superman cape. I say, Honey you look amazing. He says, "No mom, I look handsome like Fred." Who's Fred? "Mom, you know! He drives the Mystery Machine and he is handsome."

From Ivy

  • Her dad is trying to bribe her to eat all of her dinner of enchiladas, rice and beans. He says to her, I will give you a thousand hugs and kisses. She says, "Umm, how about just a dollar"?
  • She is translating the baby's cries for me while I'm making his juice. "Ma, he's saying, WOMAN, make me my bottle! I'm starving over here."

From Henry

  • Ah. EEEEE. Then blows spit bubbles and gurgles.

1 comment:

KrayonKel said...

WOMAN! I love it! Who does she get that one from?

And Bec's "color" comment. Hilarious! :)