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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things on My Mind
  1. Why do my kids totally enjoy each other at school yet are at each other's throats at home?
  2. Why does Henry fall asleep right before we are supposed to go somewhere but stays awake most all the times when he is "supposed" to be napping?
  3. What time will Chris make it home tonight?
  4. Will our detective in our robbery case have enough evidence to prosecute the man they are sure took our stuff?
  5. Why does the house seem even more messy on a daily basis even though our cleaning lady now comes once a week?
  6. Will Joe and I finally make it to our standing lunch date tomorrow after we have missed about one full month? (again)
  7. Will I be able to go out on the town tonight with my sis and my kids' babysitter who turns 21 today?
  8. And if I can go, will I be functional at work tomorrow?
  9. Where is my 8x10, laminated muscle chart that I need to fill out insurance SOAP charts?
  10. Will our realtor call me back this week?
  11. Does Chris think that his game last night was as big of a deal as my brother did?
  12. Should I wait for Chris to come home before I head to the birthday bbq or should I try to go it alone with my brood?
  13. And now for the biggy, what delicious food and drinks will be awaiting me at said birthday bbq? I'm hungry!!! I need to be sure to pack my Liporexall to offset all that I'm about to consume tonight)

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KrayonKel said...

I like this idea. I may need to try it on my blog. God knows I have a ton of questions these days.