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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Isn't it funny?

How certain things turn out to be so personal? Yet to think about them in the general sense, they could be just things. And, as long as they work, who cares about the details.

I'm writing this about my appointment book for my job. When I first graduated from massage school my ex husband bought me an appointment book for my graduation present. And it was totally not what I wanted or needed. The thought and kind intent were spot on, but the actuality was not useful to me. (As I type this, I think that this is very similar to what the marriage was!)

A couple of weeks ago I went and bought a blackberry to try to get the scheduling down in a techy way. I took it back last week. It was just too much phone for me. and the scheduler didn't fit my needs either.

I've been working around post it notes, scraps of paper and the large main family calendar on the refridgerator. I've been feeling very out of sorts with pieces of my time just strewn around every which way. In pockets, in my purse, in my car. So not efficient.

So today I went to the office store and spent over an hour checking out what they had to offer. I came home with an academic dayrunner that is for 2009-2010 only. Not one of the refill able ones that were very overwhelming. Since it is still June, I need to make some adjustments as the dates in the book don't start until July, but at least all of my notations will be in one space. And if I needed to plan a huge move, involving a cross country moving companies, I'd have the appointment book to do it.

One thing that I know for sure will happen is that I need to add some personalization to it. although it is somewhat funky on it's own, I need to add in some flair to keep my interest in it. I'll have to brainstorm a bit, but that will be the fun part!


Melissa said...

I am so the life on the scraps of papers and backs of envelopes. I hope your new system works! It makes a big difference. (I find that I must do the actual writing down of things to make them stick in my brain....I put stuff on my phone, but for some reason I still have to write it down)

Miss you!! I think I'll be back more regularly...

KrayonKel said...

stickers . . . rhinestones . . . ribbon . . . Becken's scribbles . . .