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Monday, March 09, 2009

More than one

To all of you that have more than one kid, do you find that you need to keep the oldest two separated from each other? Or at least that some configuration of the group works well, but others are disaster?

For us, it seems that if we can keep the older two away from each other, life works. If they are in each others' space, nothing works. But, if either Bec or Ivy is with Henry, it's heaven.

My sister says that this also holds true when she has the group of our nephews and niece. There are a couple of combinations of kids that just practically yell for trouble, while the other combinations work more smoothly than only having one kid by itself.

I don't know if this will switch around once Henry gets mobile and starts talking. Maybe other alliances will form? Until then, we will have to buy an air purifiers to get rid of all of the bad air going on between the 5 year old and the 3 year old.


Katie said...

That was the dynamic for my younger brothers and I when we were younger.

KrayonKel said...

I've noticed that friends who have two other siblings (total 3 kids) have so many inside jokes. They'll get really tight and start ganging up on you guys. ;)

Carrie said...

Growing up, there were three of us. My brother and I were tight when we were younger, and my sister was the odd man out (poor thing!). As I became a teenager, it was them vs. me.

Right now at my house, the boys get along really wonderfully. The baby adores them, and they adore the baby BUT they are too rough with her still. Especially the little guy -- she's constantly getting roughed up when he's around. That's a combination that you definitely have to watch!

adventures north said...

In our house, any combination that includes The Two Year Old has potential to slide downhill fast!