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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another BC update

My new pills aren't working like I'd like them too. I bit the bullet and spent the $70 for one month's supply just to see if they would take away the night sweats. They helped, but not a $70 difference, because in the meantime, my insurance said that they wouldn't cover them. (Insert frowny face, but since they weren't working anyway, I kind of didn't care. But I would have liked to have them backdate to replace said $70)

So, I'm thinking of going a non hormonal route. Kind of be all natural until the hormones have had a chance to even out from baby #3. Plus, I am almost 38, so who's to say that the hormones are just changing due to age as well.

When I called to talk to my nurse about getting fitted for a diaphragm (sp) she laughed and told me that they rarely get requests for those anymore and they pretty much belong in a museum! But, she said they still work and she put me in for an appt in a couple of weeks. She also said that while I"m at the appt. I can see if there is any thing else that I can try by running through all of the options with my midwife.

I had an easier time buying business insurance this past year than I've had finding compatible birth control.


Anonymous said...

Just have Chris go get clipped!!! No more fear of pregancy, no more pills, and regeular hormone levels...Yes!!! Recovery is only a couple days, and it's a day thing for guys.


adventures north said...

Two tiny words: snip snip.

He'll live, I promise.

6KidMom said...

Have you thought about an IUD. The Paraguard has no hormones, and works like a charm. Just a thought.

Carrie said...

I am sorry for all of your b/c troubles. :( I am sending hugs.

Mostly though, I'm just sitting here with my jaw on the ground that you are almost 38! Karianne! you like like you are 26!!!!