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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tax Plans

My step dad's family has owned a tax consulting business for 50 years. When I went to do our taxes, he told me that if we were to go to "Blocks" they would charge us $800-1000 to do our taxes since they are so complicated. Thank goodness I know someone in the know!

Alison asked what I have planned for the return. Chris gets 2/3 of it, while I get 1/3. That 1/3 is actually the portion that Bec's foreign adoption got for us. When Chris and I first met, years before the adoption, I had the majority of the fees saved up and just kept adding to them. So, in reality, I'm just getting my own money back. How great is that? AND I have a perfect son? I love it when adoption is recognized as a good thing!

So, I could pay down my debt. Believe you me, I could pay down my debt. I will do a little bit to get caught up here and there, but not much. I have decided to do NOTHING with the return. Just put it in savings, not even for a rainy day, but for the little frivolous things that I have missed so much these past years. Like, a haircut now and then. Or a coffee card for a friend.

I've found that if I have money in savings, I spend much less. My mind works better. But, if I feel broke, I make horrible decisions with my money and end up charging. A no no. Which is how I got in trouble the last couple years. Mostly, I remember wanted a pedicure while I was pregnant with Hendrix. And how I never had the extra $20 for it. Or how I needed help with the house, but couldn't afford the $ for Kathy to come in. But, on the flip side, I'd charge a movie rental, a take out lunch, or a baby outfit which I am now still paying for! Not smart!

Maybe I'm learning my lesson? I once had every single bit of debt paid off besides my house. And now I"m in debt again. Maybe it is a lesson that I need to re learn from time to time.

And Mrs. I, I remember so vividly the years that I had to pay in! I feel your pain! Being self employed is difficult at times. I have a good friend that we would always go out to dinner on tax day because we were so bummed about everyone else getting money back. Hopefully, your adoption costs will help out in the future like they did for us!

And, I am going to pay my best auto insurance companies premiums for the year. Along with my life insurance too!

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Melissa said...

You know...that is so me, too. When I have money, I'm more willing to keep it, but I tend to squander when I really shouldn't. weird. You're good to realize it and give yourself some freedom to indulge now and then.