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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday 5 - A.M. Version

Yes, it is 501 A.M. Yes, I am actually awake. No I'm not figuring out the conversion rate optimization. I'm catching up on laundry. What's wrong with me? :)

So, 5 things on my mind this morning.

  1. We are going to see the live show of Thomas and Friends tonight. The kids don't know yet. My sister's boyfriend told me to be sure to bring a defibulator (sp) because Bec is going to have a heart attack! I have to remember to try to find him some earphones or earmuffs because, knowing Bec, it will be too loud.
  2. Thank the Lord above that my cleaning lady is coming today!! My week turned out to be crazy and the house shows it. AND my monster in law is watching Henry tonight here and you all know I don't need any more stress surrounding that!
  3. I get to go to work today, yeah!
  4. Our taxes are done and filed. And this is the first year we were able to claim the adoption. Our return is nice. Just the fact that we get a return freaks me out! There have been so many years as a small business owner that I have had to pay in. That sucks.
  5. I'm seriously considering going back to bed...


Katie said...

So go! I'd go back to bed, if I could!

Mrs. Inqvist said...

Tax is a four letter word in our house as we always, always have to pay in because Hubbie is considered self-employed as a Pastor even though he is employed by a church. Sucks huh? We are perpetually owing the IRS money. It makes me so angry when those who live off the "system" and have three or four children from three or four different fathers get back three or four thousand dollars. Sorry I'm venting!

alisonwonderland said...

i hope you went back to bed! :)

do you have big plans for your tax refund?