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Monday, February 16, 2009


So many times during the day, I just want to sit down and write out the random things in my head. All of the little and big things that I want to blog about. And then when I finally get to sit in front of the keyboard, they just vanish into the air. Tonight I'm sitting down to write whatever comes to mind. Hopefully that will sift out a bunch of the rambling that is going on in there.
  1. today is the anniversary of my dad's death. it's been three years and he's still dead. and it still really really hurts.
  2. henry has shots tomorrow. that is one of the worst parts of being a mom. i will have to take a tranquilizer. whenever i have to make my kids do something good for them, i feel guilty. isn't that weird? i am dreading tomorrow with a passion. and then i start to think about how lucky we are to live in a time and a culture that have immunizations and i feel guilty about stressing out about a few pokes. what is that compared to them really getting seriously sick. to all of the moms that have lost their children to these diseases, i'm sorry for being such a wuss.
  3. im sort of working on my taxes. i should be seriously working on my taxes. bleh
  4. i have a headache that feels like a blindfold around my eyes.
  5. i have to switch birth control pills. i have been on them for exactly one month and have had a month of hell with night sweats. i guess each brand of pill has their own ratio of progesteron and estrogen and this pill's proges. is wreaking havoc on me. when i went to pick up the replacement brand, it was going to cost $67 for the month unless i had prior authorization through the insur. company. So, i will have to put up with the misery of night sweats for another week.
  6. Chris and i are heading to a marriage retreat in a couple of weeks for 3 days and 2 nights. I want to go and I don't want to go. It won't be an Orlando vacations, but it will be getting away. We haven't been exactly smooth lately, so it would be a help. but how can I leave henry with a sitter for that length of time? he isn't even 3 months old! what has happened to me?
  7. speaking of henry, he is THE BEST BABY EVER. and i know babies, ok? i will never know how chris and i lucked out with that one. maybe I'll be singing a different tune in his teen years.
  8. I told a lie today. And as I'm thinking about it tonight, I would do it again.
  9. I am astounded that Bec has strep throat. My mom got it last week and out of all of my kids, he spends the least amount of time with her. Germs are funny things.
  10. I've been reading again. I've missed it. But now I'm not watching Food Network. My cooking inspiration is suffering greatly.
  11. I'm in love with Geoff on Ace of Cakes. I hate Bobby Flay, but I have a huge crush on Bobby Flay. Go figure.


Katie said...

1. I'm sorry about today. And your dad. And I LOVE YOU.
2. I work with a woman who got polio when she was a little girl and she has spent her entire life in a wheelchair. It sucks to make your baby cry, but it's totally for the greater good.
3. Lol, my mom did my taxes! I'll send her your way. ;)
4. You know what helps with headaches like that? Literal blindfolds around your eyes.
5. I just started a new pill on Saturday. It's my first time on chemical birth control in years. I basically want to kill the world. I feel your pain. And my pill? Really low progesterone. Yikes.

Okay. That's all I got. :)

Mrs. Inqvist said...

I'm coming up on the two year mark of my mom's death and I agree 100% that it still hurts, sucks, makes me miserable, I cry, it's just not fair. I am here for you!

I feel your pain with the immunizations. That is a sucky time for the moms as it seems that we are always the ones to take the kiddos to the doctor appts.

I dread taxes. We pay in every year as my "pastor" husband is considered self-employed and we always seem to not pay in enough during the year. It sucks to see everyone else getting back literally thousands of dollars as we pay in a couple thousand.

Headaches suck and gall bladder attacks aren't fun either.

I am completely done with bc pills. I will never take them again. Thank the Lord!!

Thinking of you a lot lately. Kim

KrayonKel said...

... ugh ... taxes. I've got to do that too.

I just changed my name today!

Work is slow...

So glad Henry is an easy baby. I was an easy baby. :) Easy babies are the BEST! ;)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

1. I am with you baby...
2. I gave Regen all of her shots myself...
3. Taxes are DONE and I am gett'n MONEY...YES
4. I have something for you to try for HA's
5. I am pill free, but htne I am single...

I am here for ya if Ya need me...

Carrie said...

Hey you! I'm sorry I missed sending hugs on your Monday. Here's a belated one *big hug*

I think it's a third child thing - really I do. Fancy is the best, best, best baby in the world. I swear it! I don't know how. I think I want another in the distant future, but what if we start back at the beginning and get a super crabby baby?! Eeek!

Sorry the b/c is messing with you - that's no fun!

The day before my babes get shocks I feel literally sick to my stomach. I have panic attacks about it. :( So I understand.

Carrie said...

Shots, Carrie, not shocks. :P

KrayonKel said...

Check out the Happy Blog! I have a question for everyone!

adventures north said...

I say go for the retreat. Your babes will be fine for a few days. I know its hard, but they really will be fine and you deserve a break.