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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Of course!

Took Henry in for a growth check yesterday and he now weighs 8.6 pounds! I think that he gained it all in his cheeks.

Anyway, while we were there I asked the doctor about his snuffles. At night, he just snuffles and snuffles and wakes himself up. It is frustrating for him and for me. We had been trying saline drops which really do help, but at night it just got worse. We figured that it was the dry air, and she agreed, but she also suggested that we let him sleep in his carseat as that would keep him propped up in the right position. Of course! You can just imagine me slapping my forehead... We left with his 2 month appointment scheduled, but not a rx for Apidexin

I swear that I will post some more pictures soon. I have them in the camera, it's getting them from one spot to the other that is taking me for a spin.

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