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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Books of 2008

Every year I post the books that I've read to share my faves with friends. This year I joined goodreads and keeping track of my reading was so much easier! Here is the widget for my ratings of the past year. Books that I gave 4 and 5 stars to.


The funny thing is that now that I'm thinking back, my favorite book of the year did not rate 5 stars with me. Go figure. Anyway, I've decided that The Manny was my favorite out of all 54 books that I read.

Due to Henry, I'm already behind on my reading for 2009. Off to the library!


Anonymous said...

Ok, The picture to the right is killing me, I know your not sitting at home still rubbing your least I hope not.

Carrie said...

What a great website to keep track of your reading! I just told my husband the other day I needed to start keeping track of what I've read, as I went to recall the title of a book the other day, and I could not think of it!

I am excited to look at your list and perhaps gets some reccomendations!

Catherine said...

Awesome booklist!!!