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Friday, January 16, 2009

First E.R. trip

I took Henry into the e.r. this week for what I thought was a fever.

There is nothing like having your husband work late and then having your 3 year old thrown his mac and cheese on the floor because he wants to be silly. Iwas about to hit the cabinets for pet supplements to dull the pain, but instead...

I called my sis to come help me lay down some discipline, which meant, she needed to hold the baby while I sat with the toddler and had him pick up every single piece of noodle and throw it into the garbage. She also fielded the many questions and demands of the 5 year old, which is sometimes the most draining of all.

She said that she thought the baby felt warm. We got a red cross approved ear thermometer for our shower, but it is only for babies over 6 months. So, we used our axillary thermometer which read 99.1, where when you add the degree, turned into 100.1.

I called his doctor to get the number for after care, but someone must have forgot to turn on the service. So then I called the nurse hotline with our insurance company, who then told me that any fever in an infant under 8 weeks needs to be seen immediately. Off to the hospital with the tiny one, I went!

Thankfully, he did not have a temp at all and they ended up giving us a rectal thermometer for the future. And when I say thankfully, that is really what I mean. They told me that a fever in an infant is treated very aggressively due to their immature immune systems. They said that would mean inserting a catheter, admitting the baby, blood draws and a lumbar puncture. YIKES!!! I was very happy to leave there with my poke free baby.


Katie said...

It's so early to have an ER visit!

I'm glad everything turned out okay.

MP2 said...

How scary!

Catherine said...

Thank the Lord the little one is ok!!! Hug him for me please!