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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As a mama of a highly intense first born, and as an adoptive mama, bonding is something that I've thought about a lot. Finding out the gender of my unborn babies have helped so much in attaching to them before birth. Knowing stats and getting updates on Bec while he was in Africa helped me to feel close to his upbringing while away from me.

With Hendrix (Henry as he has been referred to often), the thoughts of bonding were fleeting, but still there. I figured that they would somewhat resolve how they were meant to, without my worrying too much about them.

On Saturday morning, I had a dream. In my dream I was looking at a doorway in a house and along the frame of the door, I had photos of my kids stuck in the moulding. Starting with pictures of Ivy, then Bec and then a picture of Hendrix as he is right now.

Waking up, I knew that I had taken this kid in to my heart and soul. No bonding issues (for me anyway!) here.


MP2 said...

Very cool...and, ahem, I've been wanting to surprise you, but have you stopped by my place lately???

Carrie said...

That is just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. It's amazing how fast they cement themselves in you forever, isn't it?

KrayonKel said...

Omigoodness! He's adorable, Karianne!!!!

I haven't read a thing yet because I had to scan the pictures. :) hee hee!

I love you much, and I'm attempting to rejoin the blogging world now that the wedding is done. If you go on Facebook, some pictures have been posted.

I love you, and I'll be reading!

Catherine said...

He is soooo beautiful and I love that dream!! You are just precious, Karianne!! xoxoxoxo