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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This may sound weird

But I got good news in a surprizing way today.

This summer I had to fill out a huge application to see if my entire family (kids, sibs, cousins and aunts and uncles) could be part of the pancreatic cancer national tumor registry. And I mean, this thing was extensive! It took me forever.

Well, I got an email today telling me that my family had been entered into the system. Every December we will get a newsletter. We are also all available for drug trials and studies relating to Pancreatic Cancer.

I just feel like we are one step closer to help if we need it.


MP2 said...

What a neat connection with your dad to happen upon at Christmastime.

Carrie said...

It doesn't sound weird at all to me. In fact, I was looking at the WM website the other day (my mom's disease), and was looking at a similar thing. I will do anything to spare anyone the pain that my mom and we are going through.

Daughters for a cure, I say! :)