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Monday, December 01, 2008

Heart Melting

Last night while Chris was out battling our outdoor lighting for Christmas, Ivy and I were laying in bed watching a Spiderman cartoon.
She says in this little voice, "mama, I want a boyfriend." I say, "You do?" (knowing full well that she has a crush on a boy at preschool) She says slowly, "Yeah, but he has to be nice. And not take things away from me and he has to listen." All the while my heart is just melting at the sweetness of it all. I then say, "Oh Ives, I hope that your boyfriend is all of those things. Those are great things to have on your list for a boyfriend." Let's all hope that her list continues to keep all of those qualities through her life.


AnastasiaC said...

Awww so sweet ...innoncent kids, i hope she gets all that and more!

Mrs. Inqvist said...

Miss M asked one day while at a wedding her daddy was officiating at "Who was going to walk her down the isle some day when her daddy was marrying her". I think every little girl wants to marry their daddy's someday. Ivy sounds just precious. Miss M has moved on from marrying daddy now and wants a boyfriend too. Her expectations are just as high as Ivy's. Good for them. I hope they keep them that high.

Carrie said...

She deserves all of that! If only every woman could take Ivy's ideals and make them their own!