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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just a bit off

I have been feeling so much better this week so far. Instead of feeling like I'm at 20%, I'm more like at 80% which is a huge improvement. But, this evening and tonight, I just feel off. Better, but not great yet.

Chris called in sick today with the beginnings of a cold. I spent the majority of my work day on the computer researching prices for some of the items stolen from us from our dad's estate. Even some mortgage quotes. Yes, that is still dragging on. And my Nana, which is a whole other long post is really on my mind, along with the rest of my family and our interactions with her.

And what about money? There can't be anyone else in this whole country who is worried about money tonight is there?

Sigh. I'm gonna head to bed. And start fresh in the morning. Hopefully remembering to put a smile on my face! And hopefully it will stay there.

I just remembered that tomorrow is soccer for Bec. Ugh. The crappy thing about teaching your kids follow through is that you also have to follow through. I'll keep telling myself, "Only 5 more sessions. We can do that."

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Katya said...

I hate money. Let's do away with it entirely.