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Monday, October 20, 2008

How did this happen?

My baby is 3 years old!!! Where does the time go?

Like his new haircut? I've wanted him to have a Mohawk since he arrived, but only last weekend was he able to sit still enough. And what a cutie! Everyone just dies when they see how adorable he is, rocking the new 'do. (With one exception of a relative that was very annoyed. Guess who that was?)

After their joint party last month, we have each of their birthdays with just the 4 (5)? of us at Red Robin. And, amazingly, there were even more presents to be opened by both. He got a new snow coat with Lightning McQueen on it, and lots of Thomas stuff. No MBT shoes though.

I say, "Are you my baby Becken, or my big boy?" And he says, "I'm your baby Mama."

I just adore this kid. I'm in love.


MP2 said...

"I'm your baby mamma" -- how adorable is that???!

Katiefucious said...


Catherine said...

Ahhhhhhhh!! I love that haircut! I love him! Wish I could squeeze him!!!

And I love that he still wants to be your baby!!!!!

*sniff sniff*

alisonwonderland said...

such a big boy! :)