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Monday, July 07, 2008

Mountain Moving Monday

Once again, my Monday has turned out to be a day of getting things done and crossing them off of my to do list. It is amazing how fast they pile up. No wonder why my mind is so cluttered.

  • put on pedometer and walked .5 miles before I even got the kids out the door
  • ivy to my mom's
  • switched over car insurance
  • worked at daycare office
  • gave massage
  • went to lunch with sis, decided on some estate stuff
  • had local bank re evaluate current car loan
  • sent in new fatbook pages
  • sent Carrie and boys a treat (finally)
  • picked up bec
  • picked up ivy
  • got kids ready for swimming
  • took 2 pairs of shoes to my cousin to try on
  • loaded up car with xtra baseball stuff for my friends' kids
  • took Ivy and watched her swimming lessons
  • talked to step mom about moving some of my dad's garage
  • rescheduled a massage appointment from Fri to Thurs.
At no point in the day did I encounter any ostrich feathers , but I did see some last night while shopping at the crafter's mall. Ah, that reminds me! I wanted to head back there today and pick something up!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Holy moly, woman, that is about 3 mountains at least, not just one!

And I am so excited about the mail! You so didn't have to do that, but it made my heart smile to read about!

BTW, I re-subscribed to Domino. Couldn't live without it, I decided. So hopefully it starts again soon. :)