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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

And it continued on thru Tuesday! With the increase of energy in this 2nd trimester, I'm taking advantage and getting up off of the couch. I swear, I'm not taking diet pills! Here is what I accomplished.

Pedometer total: 8.83 miles!!
Monday total: 5.41 miles
  • remembered my pedometer again!
  • put $5 of gas in the car to get Ivy to tennis and to the dealership
  • took Ivy to tennis (she hit 3 balls over the net!!)
  • took baseball surplus to lex
  • took toyota to dealership for gas fill up and ordered xtra key
  • went to atty to review adoption finalization paperwork for Bec (not good, another post to come)
  • picked up Ivy
  • took Ivy to preschool
  • roosevelt to play date with K A M
  • finished sewing alterations to an old blanket of mine
  • picked up Ivy
  • grocery shopping
  • deboned chicken for dinner
  • set up the kiddie pool
  • picked up Bec
  • called original adoption atty
  • emailed social worker
  • made dinner
  • returned sewing machine to my niece
  • dropped off pop at day care
  • picked up roosevelt

Whew! I think that I'm goint to take it easy today...

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