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Saturday, July 05, 2008

discontentment on Saturday

I changed the icon on my punkymood tonight because I seem to be Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde lately. I am not a yeller. I have patience like you wouldn't believe when it comes to my kids. But, oh, not lately. I can feel a gradual building up to this Nazi Mama by the end of the day every few days. Almost robotic. It is very different than my touchy feely freestyle that we are all used to.
Chris and both of the kids are hiding out in our bedroom. I'm in the dark, typing away and so loving the FINALLY quiet of being by myself. And looking back, the day was pretty good overall. There was just too much of it. If only it would have ended at 3 in the afternoon.
Hoping that I can do better tomorrow, good night. Whoever thought that 3 day weekends were a good thing??? At least I don't have a need for movers New York, that would really put me over the edge.

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