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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Still Springing

There is still much movement around this joint. Although the floors are still all of the way undone, we have done so much this year so far to the house that I almost haven't noticed.

Another minor thing that has been on the to-do list is to replace our front door knob. It actually isn't a knob, but a lever. This is mostly our problem because both of the kids love to hang on it, which misaligns it and then makes it rough to open. Did you know that there are actual brands of door hardware? Out of curiosity and doing research on an assignment, I checked out the Baldwinbrand of exterior knobs. Ummm. The search brought up 71 pages. Yikes. I'm going to delegate this task to Chris who probably has a very specific opinion of what style and type we need. As the decision should be in the hands of the person who will notice that type of stuff.

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