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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What is your addiction?

I think that I've posted about non harmful addictions before. The things that we are obsessed with, that stand out as possibly abnormal.

Like my desire for purses. Not expensive purses, but cheap, cute, trendy purses. I have come to the point where I'm a bit put off of the idea of counting them. I'm having to add an extra shelf the length of my closet to keep them while they are awaiting rotating in to the daily use. I'm sure that I would be shocked and ashamed at how much I've spent on these frivolous, but so fun, purchases.

As I think about Chris' minor addictions, I think about the N*ike brand. He has always been an athlete. His whole life. He swears by N*ike and their quality. He hates their penny pinching and really hates their prices, yet, anytime he is out shopping, we all end up clad in N*ike wear.

Ivy doesn't have any one thing that is "hers". She runs the gamut and likes pretty much everything, while Bec cannot be sane without his Lightning McQueen toys and clothes. If it is up to him to choose his clothes, you can bet that it will be Lightning from head to toe. He got new Cars pjs a few days ago. At nursery school yesterday he wore his Cars pjs with lightening longjohns underneath. Cars sandal, no socks. Cars stocking cap. Oh, and Cars pull ups. And please do not think that he could even consider being a hotwheels boy. Nope, if it isn't in the movie, he won't play with it.

Lastly, which is the main reason for this post is my mom's addiction to Thermal labels. That woman is never more than a few yards from her label maker. The things that she comes up with to put labels on kind of scares me sometimes. Not that I can think of any examples at this moment, but I know that a few have had me and my siblings shaking our heads and laughing.

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