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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening up

In the fall when the weather starts to cool, I get this feeling of security in our house. I remember this feeling when I was little after the summer spent canning and freezing food with my mom and grandmother, and especially after my dad had went hunting and came home with meat to have cut and wrapped at our butcher. The pantry was filled. It was across from our side entry and had a latch with a key lock. It also had a chest freezer that was packed. I remember being in the pantry, playing on the floor and looking up at all of the canning of peaches, applesauce and tomatoes so pretty, sparkling on the shelves while the freezer hummed behind me. It was the best feeling. Almost like I wished it would blizzard us in. And we would be safe on our own. Without any one else to care for us. We had taken care of ourselves and our family. Probably one of the best feelings ever.

In the spring, I dread the light and the long days of uncertainty, I don't even know what I should wear when I get up in the morning. Which causes a lot of fashion anxiety. And then the lack of privacy with our sidewalks opened to walkers and neighbors and a lot of noise from our four way stop. So much for the senses. Overwhelming at worst. Tiring at best.

But, doing spring cleaning has it's own rewards of home. The past few weeks have been spent hauling out furniture, replacing flooring, taking away the worn and used to bring in the brand new and shining. This new floor of ours is so much easier to clean and in the afternoons while I sweep, I am reminded of reading the Little House books, and how the girls had to sweep the floor so often, but kept it neat while my kids run barefoot in the yard.

Today I walked thru the house while everyone was supposedly napping. The windows had their fresh curtains. The garage could be walked in and was organized to the point of being able to haul off a large amount to my sister's storage, creating so much more space.

The kids playing in the drive in Chris' car while the wide open garage let me watch them while reading my book in the shade. There are rewards to spring.


Carrie said...

I am so impressed with your Spring Cleaning! I have always wanted to do it, but never find myself motivated for long enough to have a real Spring Clean.

Hey, I would love to see photos of your new floor when you get a chance. It sounds so lovely!

Hooray for a clean garage! I am working on the basement and I can't wait until I can say that about it!

Great work, chicky!

Melissa said...

K...this was such a beautifully written post. You described things so vividly, I could practically see sound good. More than good. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

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