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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, at least that part is over

Today we had our deposition of the traitor. After meeting at 830 am, all parties had to agree to reschedule to 200 this afternoon due to a conflict with the traitor's work. Yuck. We then used the morning to go over certain parts of our case. So, we were at the office from 830 to 1130 and then there again from 145-445. LOOOOOONG Day!

I was happy to see him squirm. According to his atty. he is wanting it to be over and to settle. Which is fine by us, but, we still don't have an idea on what we could settle for. So, we are having to all meet again before thanksgiving to do this all again. Yuck. But, we are closer to finishing with this part of it.

I told my sis this afternoon that I'm starting to wind down and tire out legally. I think that we have proved our point and that we did what we started out to do. Anything else is a bonus. But I'm ready to let it go. the emotion around all of it, every time we have to meet is devastating. Hearing my dad described as the deceased is not something I enjoy listening to for hours on end. Seeing my step mom and my sister so angry is draining too. But regardless, we are one day closer to finished.


KrayonKel said...

Glad you thought to text me. :)

LaLa said...

I will be glad when it is all over for you. We just did all this with my dad and it is so difficult..and we didn't have the drama you have so I can only imagine


Carrie said...

I am glad that at least a bit of it is over for you. It totally sucks that you have to do it again. I am praying that justice is served!!!

3 Beauties said...

God bless you in the emotional weight you are carrying. I am happy that you are closer to free. I hope once this is done you can truely find peace and release.