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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

HA! to my haters

I don't know if you guys remember the Guitar Hero saga in my life. How my brother and my nephew formed a band called the "JuRods" (julius and jarod) and then told me that I couldn't be in it because my gaming skills leave something to be desired. Or so my nephew Julius said. But he kind of is right, because I do kind of suck in my ability but my effort is SUPREME! And I can't get better because Chris won't buy GH for me because he thinks that all chores and monetary work would cease. Where he came up with that idea, I have no clue. So, as it stands, I have to break into my brother's house to practice whenever I get a chance which isn't often.

Well, when we found out that the band version of Guitar Hero was coming out for Christmas. There is space for a lead singer, bass player, guitar and drums. So, I told my nephew that since there was now more space in the band, they had to let me in. Julius told me that he would have to talk to Jarod. I told Julius that he has no loyalty to his auntie. Then I called my brother to try to finagle a spot, doing an end run around Julius. It didn't work. for the past few weeks they've been messing with me, saying that I'd have to audition or that all of the spaces were filled with my brothers, my nephews Ju, Jaiden and Jaice. Jaice is 6. He's good, but talk about a bruised ego. So, I told them to all screw off, (sorry, I know that isn't nice to say to the kids, but hey!) That they totally missed out on the draw of a male audience without my hottieness in the band. (Remember Rob zombie and Lenny Kravitz's bands? I could so have been those chicks!

Today my brother was eating crow! There is a demo version of the game set up in a store in town and they went to try it out last night. And they totally need a female on board for almost half of the songs. Songs by Hole, I could sooo be Courtney Love! Last night at my sister's house, band negotiations were vicious. Jaiya (my niece) and Shauntia voted that I couldn't be in the JuRods because they wanted me for Jaiya's band, The Butterflies. Jarod and Jaiden tried to pull rank and said that I was theirs first since we'd been negotiating for weeks and they still had rights to me.

As they figured it out, my primary contract is with the Butterflies. but, the butterflies have to loan me out to sing for the JuRods when they need me.

I told my sister that hearing about that totally made my day today. She said, "Well, did you hear about Julius' vote and about the band rules for the JuRods?" No, I didn't. When it was Julius' turn to vote for me he clearly stated that he voted "No times infinity" against me! Turkey. He totally assed me out.

Band rules for the JuRod's are that at least once every 6 songs you have to take off your shirt. I'm totally doing that, but like Selena used to with a bustier underneath. The other rule is that band members have to fist fight each other at least once a month to prove their continued loyalty. (Can you tell the boys made up these rules?) I said, "No problem. I'll fight Julius and Chase." My reasoning is that Julius is only 8 and Chase won't ever show. And if he did, he wouldn't fight me anyway.

The blue hair has been great for my Guitar Hero career. I'll have to let you all know my stage name once I figure it out. We're going to have concerts in my sister's living room and make our mom pay to watch our tour.

Yes, we are idiots. But we're having fun! We've all been needing some fun lately.


Carrie said...

This post left me with a big dumb smile on my face! LOL I love that you practiced your magic and got in! LOL

Katya said...

I'm still pretty much waiting for new blue hair pictures, I think.

Just thought I'd point that out.

Melissa said...

Yes on waiting on the pics....Elvis, please hurry!

As for the band story-----so funny! And you so Rock!!

KrayonKel said...

I think Guitar Hero is something I could get a hang of, but it really ruins my eyes because I don't blink. So I think I will pass on that game.

I bet you TOTALLY rock! I want pictures!

3 Beauties said...

what a life! that sounds like so much fun, I am jealous. I don't have that many siblings and we don't live any where near each other. Phoooeee. I wanna come over and play! I suck at GH, but I've only played once.

It is too cool you get to be in both bands. :)

You go Indigo Princess!