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Monday, November 05, 2007

Monster In Law Update

For all of my newer friends, the above links are from posts last December kind of setting the tone of my relationship with MIL. SO,

Normally, Chris' divorced parents stay far away from each other. Last week, Chris' father invited us to a birthday dinner at a nice restaurant for Chris' sister's bday. FIL told Chris to invite MIL. This was odd and we didn't expect her to show, but she did. I was freaking because like I said before, I need some time to prepare myself to be in her space. Very negative, confrontational energy. Not something that I do well with! We are like oil and water.

My hair really helped my disposition though. I can't wait to show you guys a pic!

Anyway, we got there late and I had to sit right across from her which was uncomfortable, but doable. Kelly and my sister kept me sane with their texting. I do have to say, my responses were quite inappropriate to reprint here, but I was having a blast. I think one of my last texts said, "i'm drunk off my ass. I can't feel my face!" We were cracking each other up via text messaging.

Chris was so sweating it because he had to sit at the end of the table in between his mom and me. But he was extremely attentive to me and kind and sweet. Asking my opinions about entrees and such. Feeding me off of his plate to try things. I could feel her burning looks into my head, but I ignored her.

It turned out so neat to realize that with everyone else at the table, they don't have a problem with me and actually like me. We all don't want to be each other's soul mates, but it is an acceptable relationship. It's just her and I that are uncomfortable with each other. Everyone smiled at me and included me in conversations. My meal of pan fried oysters with fettucine was perfect, if not too much food!

Monster in law then had her own bday party dinner for SIL last night. Since it was at her house, I didn't have to go. Out of respect for her relationship with the kids and Chris, I stay away from her home and work. And she does the same for me after I had to enforce my territorial boundaries in the beginning. We honor each other by staying away from each other. We don't look at each other or talk. I like that so much better than the way it was.

Elvis is back in the shop with some sort of boot error. Hopefully I'll be better at posting from the office this week. Thanks for all of my good vibes. Send some tomorrow too for the atty office.


KrayonKel said...

To be drunk off your ass, you really were a good speller. :)


BTW. . . does Chris know what he's been volunteered for? ;)

Melissa said...

I'm so glad it went better than expected. Ok, what is the secret to texting...I'm so darn slow. Is this just a learned thing, or am I retarded?? Hmm.

Post a pic of that hair, girl!!

Karen Beth said...

Good vibes to you as always. Sounds like you took the high road there.

I miss you! Feels like we've not exchanged mail in forever. I will have to get on top of that.

Love ya,

Karen Beth :)