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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Best Cleaning Ever

This year I seem to be living at the dentist. Today was pretty uneventful as it was a routine cleaning without an exam or xrays and such.

They have a new hygenist that is recently out of school. She did an amazing job. She wasn't rough or rushed. She took her time and gently scraped and polished my teeth. I haven't ever had a cleaning like that before, it was so pleasant.

In response to that, I am finally taking Ivy in for her first cleaning. Since the hygenist did such a great job, I am totally trusting Ivy to her. I hope that it all goes ok. But, if it was anything like today, everything should go fine.

And, I took the hair pics today. I have to wait for Elvis to get out of the shop. Hopefully tomorrow!


Katiefucious said...

The last time I went to the dentist, I almost fell asleep in the chair.

I'm totally serious.

I freakin' LOVE MY DENTIST!!!

Here's hoping Ivy's visit is as serene as yours and mine. :)

Melissa said...

Nothing like clean teeth without post traumatic stress syndrome! :) yay for the hygienist

AnastasiaC said...

ive had a few apts this year too as I going a little crazy and getting teeth braces soon! ....never too late..

Karen Beth said...

The dentist is my most hated place in the world. I would rather to go the gyno than the dentist. Seriously. I cannot STAND to have someone's hands in my mouth and the sounds that the cleaning tools make? UGHHHHHH!

3 Beauties said...

you can't beat a good hygenist. i love the staff at my dentist's office. after the mouth full of cavities allll of my life, i can sure appreciate nice gentle treatment.