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Friday, November 09, 2007

Lyric Contest ~ Song A

After my crying jag from a random cd, Kelly and my brother Jarod made mixed cds for me. Since I already posted Kelly's play list, the songs from her cd won't be in the contest.

Since I am addicted to The Singing Bee and since I'm having to work on my vocals for the JuRods and the Butterflies, I thought that I would throw a little contest your way.

I'll post some snippets of song lyrics and you'll guess the song. Whoever gets the most right by December 1st will get some sort of something from me. And I'm only having it be for my regular commentors, because, I'm making the rules and that's what I want. So there.

Some are pretty common, some obscure. I'm just going off of the list he made. But, he gave me a ton of songs, so hopefully they will be pretty random.

Here goes:

Song A Lyrics

I like the way you brush your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
I like the way the light hit the ice and glare
And I can see you boo from way over there

Leave your guesses in comments!


Mary said...

"I like the way you move" by the body rockers!

Katya said...

nelly - ride wit' me

Katiefucious said...

Isn't that Nelly song called "Country Grammar" or something like that? I can't remember.

I can google it if you like...

A friend and I used to play a variation on this game--I would email him a movie quote and he would try to guess. It's hard when you can't "hear" the quote!

KrayonKel said...

I think the winner should get a video of you singing and/or dancing to the song. :)

3 Beauties said...

Nelly's Ride wit Me. No doubt.

"I'm from the 'Lou and I'm proud" would be another Nelly quote...

Thanks for that smile!