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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great News!

Things are somewhat back to normal around here after an icky morning of not getting along, but after a truce was called, things are looking up. Agreeing to disagree has it's advantages.

Anyhow, I got a letter today saying that my mammogram shows no signs of cancer!! Yeah! That is wonderful news! And that also means that I can reschedule for next year instead of my usual 6 months. What huge, positive news! Kind of takes away anything else to complain about.

thanks for all of the kind words. You all are the best!


alisonwonderland said...

i'm so glad to hear your good news!

Melissa said...

yay on feeling better. yay on the good mammo news! Yay for you!

Carrie said...

What fabulous news! Sounds like a great day indeed!

Mummy B said...

Oh Karianne that's wonderful news!!! Sorry I haven't responded to your previous posts I have been thinking of you though :) :)