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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


After a better day, here I am in a mood of serious discontent. With many things in my life I am not feeling gratitude, which is unlike me. Mostly I'm irritated with Chris, but then more so, I"m irritated with myself for being dependent once again, feeling like I'm not being heard. I don't want this to be a husband bashing post or blog, but if any of you see fit to send me a bit of wifey/fiance/girlfriend whining, please email me and let me know!

Things that are so bugging me right now:

Our small house and Chris shooting down absolutely every option that I come up with to rememdy it. This heading can include so many subcategories that you wouldn't believe. Such as moving, adding on, buying a new house, moving into a larger rental.

Only having 2 kids. He says he is done, I'm so not ready to be done.

Him saying no to a dog that I want, only considering the type that he wants and still it's no.

My spending my $ to make sure the house is clean enough for him when I think it's great as it is.

No date nights, but there is always time for pool, beer and golf with his dad.

Wow, I'm in a bitchy mood! I need to wear a neon sign. I'm really not a happy camper lately. You know, before the miscarriages and my dad dying, I used to have faith and some patience to wait for it, but I haven't had any of that for years now. I miss it, but I really don't feel it anymore.

Bring on the fall!


Katya said...

I'm sorry you had a tough day. Don't worry, practicing contentment is just that, practicing. Sometimes we just need to VENT! :)

Carrie said...

Sometimes men are just too hard to understand. I'm sorry you're both not seeing eye-to-eye. That is the absolute worst. *HUGS*

LaLa said...

Sorry you are having a yucky day...vent away sister..and hide his golf clubs LOL

Melissa said...

thinking of you!

Melissa said...

hey...lost your email...will you send me a quick note so I can save your addy this time?

AnastasiaC said...

(hugs) to you!
sorry to hear you had a bad day
can relate to the baby thing - my hubby doesnt want anymore but I just dont feel like my family is complete love one more little one!!

Mummy B said...

Though my "issues" with Mitch are slightly different I am so feeling you hun!

Getting along can be such a chore! Seeing eye-to-eye an even bigger one!

Venting is definately of help :)

Glad your feeling more positive now (as per more recent post).