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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Evolving Plans pt 2

I had a really exciting post for you tonight but plans changed and it will have to be tomorrow. (With pics too!)

Prom continued.

In my head, I was thinking that I would get my cousins, friends and sibs together in our recycled outfits and go on over to a chinese buffet in our gowns and suits. Kind of a high/low frame of mind. Pretty funny too for all of the other patrons at the joint. But this idea wasn't meant to be.

By the time I returned to the center, which was about an hour after I spoke with my sis, the ball had started to roll. I was shocked at the reaction to this idea. My mom said that she already had her dress she wanted to wear. I had staff and relatives coming out of classrooms to tell me how excited they were. It was already bigger than the chinese buffet.

I dropped the subject for a while during the holidays but got a second wind after the first of the year. Now plans had to be decided upon.

I told my sis about my original idea of a lunchtime, lowkey affair. She said that there was no way in hell that she was squeezing herself and heading out in public in a PROM DRESS without some serious alcohol. She also said that she wanted a dance floor and music. She wanted her kids and their friends to come. Then I jumped in with a champagne fountain. (I'm addicted to these) So then we thought, let's have it at mom's house. My mom's house is huge. 3 stories, 5 bedrooms, a dining room and two living rooms. And then across the street, we have the daycare but we couldn't do the alcohol there.

Then I said, If we are going to do this, let's DO THIS!! I rented a hall. I hired my friends with the graphic design business to do prom photos. (Complete with balloon arch, thank you very much) I hired my sister's ex bf, who is one of our most popular djs in town to spin for us. But here was the catch. If we were going to party on this scale, what about gifts, etc. I felt weird at having over 100 people for my birthday. So I turned it into a fundraiser for Bec's orphanage. The music and the photographers have donated their services. Chris and I never had a wedding reception and got crap for it. We didn't have a shower for Bec and we got crap for it. (At Ivy's shower we had around 200 guests and we didn't want to repeat that with him so new to the country and all else) So now we are celebrating them all in one fell swoop.

Here is the plan. Admission is $5. It is byob. We are having a money tree. We are having a spare change drive. We are having a 50/50 raffle. The photo profits will also go to the orphanage program. Our agency has a program that provides scholarships for their staff to further their education and this is where we want the money to go. I had the fundraiseing coordinator for the agency cracking up on the phone yesterday getting instructions on how to do this thing right.

The hall is like a bomb shelter almost, so imagine the prom on Footloose. I think that we are doing foil stars and streamers. It is costing me$300 for the renatal, so I hope that we can bring in enough to pay me back and then donate 300 to the cause. I might be dreaming on this one though.

My buds and cousins around here are my prom committee. We are doing decorations. Bringing cookies and appetizers. We are also electing prom king and queen. I'm a shoe in though, because we are only printing mine and Chris' names on the ballots!

I'm sure that I'm forgetting more but I'll catch up with it all by the end.

Next up: Prom attire pt3


Kelly said...

This is AWESOME!!!
I wish I lived closer!

On the ballots you could come up with several different names for yourselves.

Ms. M
(or other nicknames)

See which personalities get elected queen and king! ;)

Mert said...

You are quite the planner, and it sounds like it's all coming together! I can't wait to see some of the prom pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome. I'm buying a ticket to attend in spirit, and tell me the date, too -- maybe, just maybe, I could talk LL into this (yes, I am, in fact, inviting myself along)

Mert said...

Have you thought about Paypal? I would love to donate!

Buttercup said...

My comment is the same as Kelly's: That is awesome!!! I love the prom scene in footloose. You have to post pictures.

LaLa said...

Man, I want to come. Let us know if we can still buy a ticket.

alisonwonderland said...

you are an amazing woman, karianne! i am so, so impressed!

where can i send a check for my admission fee? (i'll have to be there in spirit only - but what a great cause!)